Olivier Venturini

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about Olivier Venturini

It all started with a love story, when Olivier bought an old Beaulieu. And one day, completely by surprise, the few Super 8 films he shot with it got him a big job in America. In the plane he was so excited he could not stop playing with the seat controls .. and the wines to be completely honest. Going from working alone with his tiny camera to working with a full crew of people was a big change, and made him enjoy even more his other passions; solitary ski treks in the mountains, and taking the time to do Tiramisus and raspberry sorbets alone with his daughter, although she never bothers to eat them. He deeply remains a Corsican from Marseille in spirit, even after all these years living between LA and London. His only regret: to have sold his camera to buy a more sophisticated one. He still misses it to this day. First love.